Anonymous asked: Please do more Pokemon X Fire Emblem!! ^____^

YES, of course! they’re two of my fave games!!
for the fanbook, I gotta draw 20 FE/Pokemon illustrations…hoho… _φ(・_・

Anonymous asked: eh i've been in love with your style plus!! you have really good anatomy like wow?? and expressions o u o

..!!! i’m flattered, thank you!


Anonymous asked: tbh your art is really still nice even in nsfw i'm too shy to follow it though. i just bookmarked it instead.....

omg…. i’m even too shy to post but thank u for keeping tabs…. i’ll try to update with nice stuffu!!

sasuga yuri lowell so popular by the ladies

Anonymous asked: So I'm trying to learn how to do digital art, and it is, predictably, really hard. I'm okay with the line art, but when it gets to coloring I'm at a loss. Like, do you use separate layers for the separate colors? How do you get it to mix? Do you have any tips? (I use PS)

hi!!! recently i’m getting alot of questions for art stuff, and i’m not the best to ask if you’re starting out with digital art, sorry ;_; for me I usually

  • paint on one/two layers
  • add extra laters for more detail
  • merge layers and blend
  • try to maintain the sketch/lineart

tbh i dunno why i do, i’m a little messy with drawing (also recommend paint tool sai along with PS for painting, I use a combination!!)

check out kel’s tutorial for colouring, she is a helpful lady and i used them alot!!

Anonymous asked: where is your theme from? its so cute!!

thank you!!! i found it here and tweaked it a little.(^_−)

Anonymous asked: Can I have your brush setting? Thank you. Love your arts!


posted a while so they’re a bit outdated. I change brush settings a lot nowadays and also use different tools…

a tutorial i did about useless thing. i get asked this aloooot (why) and it’s actually pretty simple, so hope this is helpful!!


✿ serena & 7; for the sweet yun

struggles with limited color palettes forever I should be working

SERENAAA-!! you’re the best, Vi! Thank you for doing my request ;3;!