Anonymous asked: just wondering what effects you uses on your images :) your arts amazing btw

thank you! ><;; I use a variety of layer effects and adjustment effects during the editing and polishing stage (when I finish off my art and render the first image!)

Anonymous asked: Can I ask what laptop/computer you use for your art?

Hey anon! I use a HP laptop and Wacom Intuos 3 for my art, however both of them are near breaking point and need replacing ahaha… (used them for a long time!)

Anonymous asked: Ahh you're super beautiful! I was wondering how keeping white hair is? I've always wanted to dye mine, but I've been scared of damaging my hair/constantly re-dying it. But yours looks really good! Also your art is some of the best around!(๑•̀╰╯-)و

W-wow thank you, I am flattered…!!! //// actually, white hair is pretty tricky! To get my white hair, I bleached it too often using different products and accidentally damaged my hair A LOT. If you really want your white hair, i recommend going to the hair dressers (wish I did that the first time, I would have spent less money and less damage to my hair!) 

Keeping the white hair is pretty easy, once you have a good toned white shade, you can use a silver shampoo to keep the brightness conditioned. :3c I used L’oreal Silver Shampoo. Hope this helps! Good luck with white hair, it really does turn you into anime.

Anonymous asked: I really love your Lucina and Lucario stuff! Its really good art, and i'm always a sucker for smash art!!!

thank you! glad you feel the same way, tumblr needs more smash stuffffff

Anonymous asked: I love Lucario and I love Lucina, so I went to the internet and found this blog. Now I love you too! Thanks!

the internet has brought us together… (naga be praised)

javeman asked: What was your reaction to seeing the Lucina in Smash reveal and realizing she and Lucario are in the same game?

I WWAS SCREAMMMINGG they’re the best dUUUUOOOOO!!! before they got announced I paired them both up together for the FE/Pokemon book… and literally went crazy coz my headcannon came TRUEEEE

Anonymous asked: Ahh! Are you buying Smash Bros? Will you play as Lucario or Lucina?!

of course! andd I will be playing as EVERYONEEE (except chrom)

Anonymous asked: Please do more Pokemon X Fire Emblem!! ^____^

YES, of course! they’re two of my fave games!!
for the fanbook, I gotta draw 20 FE/Pokemon illustrations…hoho… _φ(・_・

Anonymous asked: eh i've been in love with your style plus!! you have really good anatomy like wow?? and expressions o u o

..!!! i’m flattered, thank you!


Anonymous asked: tbh your art is really still nice even in nsfw i'm too shy to follow it though. i just bookmarked it instead.....

omg…. i’m even too shy to post but thank u for keeping tabs…. i’ll try to update with nice stuffu!!