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I update from time to time. Thank you for follows!

Anonymous: sometimes i think of your art when i colour things, and for some reason it makes me do lots of experimenting!! i just really adore how you shade, your colour schemes just look so YOU, and your lines look super cool! everything looks so vibrant even when the colours are more dulled somehow?? ahhh i just love, keep doing what you do and HAVE LOTS OF FUN YOU DESERVE IT!


OH WOW this ask was so sweet thank you so muchhhh! i’m so glad my art was inspirational to you!! for me it’s really fun to just experiment when drawing sometimes and to like pretty much let go of stress/pressure/uneasiness because it makes me feel so free. makes me really happy to know that kind of feeling reaches out to someone! 


Pokemon Amour - Belated gift to yuu-lin ^^, protags from Pokemon XY. First one pulled from my Instagram.

eeee you are the sweetest ever, once again thank you so much for a drawing of my OTP! they look so beautiful in your style!!  i love youuuuuuu ;w; you spoil me  i am so lucky to be your friend!! 

need to stop looking at calem’s face and serena’s boobies.

unknowndoll: I'm loving your coloring style! The color you choose are so beautiful *cries* ;w;

Thank you!! Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit in the dumps with drawing, will do my best to get out of it soon and post more often! ;w;

Anonymous: Gerome and Lucina is such a good ship!



hey yoo it’s yuu-lin's birthday and also Clear's birthday hahawahahh let's celebrate for both.

wish you to have a great birthday Lin!♥ Keep being cool and awesome as always, aye?



KOHIU oh my gosh CLEAR IS SUCH A CUTIE I LOVE THISSSSSSSS and i love when you draw dmmd thank you so much i wasn’t expecting anything criesss. ;_; YEAH I WAS EXCITED TO FIND OUT WE HAD THE SAME BIRTHDAY I LOVE CLEAR A LOT thank so much i love you kohiu this is so beautiful i am making a fool out of myself but i don’t even care i adore your drawing s so much please don’t ever stop please THANK uses as wallpaper… _(:3J

Anonymous: just wanted to pop by and say your art is really adorable!! ;-; your coloring is just so light and beautiful and ahh

Oh wowee, thank you!

Anonymous: can we see your old digital art from before the style that you have now? sorry if it doesn't make sense ^^;

Here’s a chart of my works from 2008-2013. Hope this is insightful!

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